Mine: Rudnik & Srebrenica

It was the end of 2014, when a client engaged me to make a series of photographs in two mines, one in Rudnik and one in Srebrenica. We had a deal to have the series finished in two days, which included a day trip from Belgrade to Srebrenica and another trip to Rudnik on the following day. I was quite excited about this engagement, imagining an underground space like an unfinished subway station with unique shooting options. We had a very comfortable trip in the company SUV and a warm welcome at the mines. After signing the mandatory release papers we put on the equipment and went into the shafts. The ceiling was extremely low. We had no lighting equipment apart from the helmet lamps. After 200 meters I turned around and saw a speck of light in the distance. That was the entrance we used. At that point I succumbed to panic and my pulse rushed, but as our group moved along I found comfort in the fact that some people come here to work shifts every day. After another 50 meters I was OK, and as we went deeper I was even more comfortable with my new surroundings. The panic attack went unnoticed because of the dark. On the following day in Rudnik I was as comfortable as waiting at a metro station. The wholes series was done using only the light available on site, as we could not carry the heavy lighting equipment for 45 minutes it took us to get to the shooting site. I got all assistance I needed from the miners. It was funny directing them where to stand and how to turn in order to use their helmet lamps as makeshift photo lighting. All in all, the location was deep and difficult, but I managed to bring back some good shots.